Özel Kemal Bayındır Hastanesi


Our quality policy

> Providing a sustainable quality health care service targeting service quality standards
> To meet the demands and expectations of our patients with the most reliable and fastest way.
> To be an institution that gives importance to the health and safety of our employees.
> Providing services to patients and their relatives with an understanding that follows modern medicine and developing technology from the moment they step into my hospital.
> To realize the goals of our hospital with the contribution of our employees and senior management as soon as possible.

Our mission

To provide our people with the necessary care and to develop changing health services according to their needs in a dynamic way without compromising our quality standards; contributing to the growth of healthy and happy generations and increasing the quality of life.

Our vision

Being an experienced and güler faced Ekiple, a health organization that keeps the satisfaction of patients and their relatives in front, always follows the innovations in the medical field without sacrificing the ethics and rules required by modern medicine and is always preferred in international standards with contemporary infrastructure.